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Sunday 15 September 2019
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EliA CTD Screen –
A diagnostic test you can rely on


EliA    CTD Screen has comparable sensitivity and superior specificity to the current “gold” standard test (ANA IIF).22

Study included unselected prospective study population of 322 patients suspected of systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease and a control group of 98 healthy blood donors. ANA measured by IIFA using INOVA Lite Hep-2 cells, according to manufacturer’s instructions using screening serum dilution of 1:80. EliA CTD Screen performed on Phadia 250 system.

Due to the superior specificity of EliA CTD Screen,22    based on 2,000 patients being tested, and a disease prevalence of 1%, 158 fewer false positives per year.

Fewer false positive results can help reduce:

  • The risk of misdiagnosis
  • The risk of incorrect treatment
  • The number of avoidable referrals from primary care
  • The cost burden on the healthcare system