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Sunday 15 September 2019
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Tests you can rely on

EliA CTD Screen –
A diagnostic test you can rely on


EliA    CTD Screen, validated in over 17k patients from different populations, provides you with diagnostic test results you can rely on.15-21

EliA CTD Screen showed
similar sensitivity and
higher specificity
than IIF.”15

Our results suggest that the (EliA CTD screen) may basically represent an appropriate screening test for ANA and has a high sensitivity for SS, SSc and MCTD (each 100%).”

…The sensitivity for diagnosing
SS was slightly higher
for EliA
CTD screen than for IIF.”16

EliA CTD Screen showed similar sensitivity and higher specificity than IIF.”17

The sensitivity and specificity were better for EliA CTD than for ANA IIF.”18

… When results of autoantibodies
from all 1030 sera were analyzed as
either supportive / compatible with
CTD or not relevant, the ANA-IIF
and CTD screen assays showed
similar sensitivities to detect
antinuclear antibodies in diseases…

… In contrast, the specificity of ANA-IIF was lower than that of the CTD screen assay”…19

…The CTD screen was excellent for patients with SLE, and the combination with IIF was more effective for the diagnosis of total systemic rheumatic diseases, including MCT than CTD screen alone.”20

In nine thousand eight hundred and fifty-six consecutive patients tested for ANAs…

…the positive predictive value for (ANA associated systemic rheumatic disease) was higher for EliA than for IIF.”21