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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Top stories

24.04.19: Research illuminates the relationship between eczema and food allergy
23.04.19: Scientists from the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute at The University of Manchester showed that a small volume of blood can...
15.04.19: New research suggests that B cells gone bad could be the culprit in rheumatoid arthritis
02.04.19: The SLE populations of the pivotal BLISS-52 and BLISS-76 trials constitute large patient cohorts, ideal for post-hoc survey to better...
19.03.19: Diagnostic procedures in allergy have been greatly modified (and improved) by molecular allergy tools that not only identify the...
05.04.19: Immediate first-line access to this combination could be a treatment option for up to 1700 advanced kidney cancer patients in England

Extra news

Whereas hospitals used to be the centres of healthcare, planners now need to consider a wider and more complex system
One of the country’s largest teaching hospitals leads the way in connecting the health economy in the UK and provides tools to increase efficiency in an era of ever-...


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