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Thursday 20 September 2018

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18.09.18: The operating room is a complex environment and knowledge and improvement of situation awareness can increase the performance in this...
18.09.18: This review aims to look at the theory behind targeted temperature management and how it is applied clinically, with attention to new...
18.09.18: Every surgical operation is an experiment in bacteriology – Moynihan
08.05.18: Roadmap to the EU 28 medical device markets
04.05.18: The NICE decision will result in quicker access for patients to the first selective IL-23 inhibitor
04.05.18: Accredited by NHS Digital, InterSystems has been working with NHS trusts to enable streamlined adoption of Child Protection...

Extra news

One of the country’s largest teaching hospitals leads the way in connecting the health economy in the UK and provides tools to increase efficiency in an era of ever-...
Despite limited resources to support the project management of some of the new initiatives, the gradual application of faster and safer discharge processes, particularly...
UK’s first mobile decontamination unit launches at Pinderfields Hospital


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